Halloween Dental Advice

Children will enjoy their sweet Halloween treats for weeks or months after their trick-or-treating is finished. Here are some tips to help protect your children and their smiles:

1. Inspect all goodies before children eat them. Discard any candy if you suspect tampering or find a torn wrapper.

2. Limit the frequency of consumption of sweets. Eating several pieces of candy at one time produces a single attack of cavity producing acid, while snacking throughout the day produces multiple attacks.

3. Eat candy and other carbohydrates as a dessert after a meal instead of as a snack between meals. There is more saliva flowing during a meal, which helps to protect the teeth.

4. Brush and floss after eating sweets. The most important time to brush is before bedtime, to prevent plaque from coating the teeth while sleeping.

5. Limit the intake of sticky carbohydrates. The longer a substance is in contact with the teeth, the greater the possibility of causing cavities. (This includes snacks such as cookies and potato chips.)

6. If brushing is not possible after eating sweets, rinse with water or chew a sugarless gum containing xylitol. This helps to remove the carbohydrates from the teeth.

And finally, have a safe and happy Halloween!


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